Dr Nikolaos Nikitas

I am a lecturer in Structural Dynamics in the School of Civil Engineering working particularly on aeroelasticity and on complex, multibody dynamic interaction problems.

I previously researched on theoretically probing the intricate size-effects of nano/micro-plasticity while conducting a first PhD in the University of Edinburgh. Later I undertook an EPSRC funded second PhD at the University of Bristol, dealing with self-excited vibrations of flexible wind-prone bridges, which further led to a JSPS Fellowship with the University of Kyoto.

I am an expert on theoretical and experimental dynamics with work including full-scale monitoring and inverse analysis of landmark/major bridges (Clifton Suspension Bridge, Ting Kau), wind tunnel testing in state-of-the-art unique facilities (National Research Council, Canada), shaking table tests and physical modelling for novel structural systems (e.g. offshore wind turbines).