Dr Carl Gilkeson

Aeronautical and aerospace engineering brings together a number of disciplines required to design and build aerospace vehicles including: aerodynamics, advanced materials, propulsion, structural design, avionics, flight mechanics and systems & control. As programme manager for Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering I have the opportunity to work with some of the brightest young engineers who share my passion for this fascinating subject. I have been captivated by flight since before I can remember and this was the motivation for me to pursue a career in aeronautical and aerospace engineering. 

It is amazing to think just how much the world has developed in a relatively short space of time since the first powered flight in 1903. Today, at any given point in time the skies are full of many thousands of aircraft which contribute enormously to the global economy. Current and future design trends require lighter, stiffer and ever more efficient aircraft to minimise the impact on the environment through reduced carbon emissions. This aspect is becoming increasingly important with the sustained and rapid increases in the volume of global air traffic.

In order to cater for these challenges, there is a great need to develop and inspire the next generation of aeronautical and aerospace engineers. Since I began lecturing the subject in October 2013, I have worked closely with a number of colleagues to develop and refine our strong programme to provide the best possible learning environment for our undergraduates. The programme also benefits enormously from the Industrial Advisory Board which consists of members from companies including (amongst others) Airbus, BAe Systems and Rolls Royce. This board sets industrially-relevant research and design projects for undergraduates in years 3 and 4. 

In addition to the taught aspect, there is great emphasis on team working and developing independent critical thinking within our graduates. All of these aspects are improving employability of our graduates to help serve the needs of 21st Century aerospace vehicle design. 

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