Workshop: Introducing Zero-Carbon Construction Sites (WIZCS)

I am delighted to invite you to the ‘Workshop: Introducing Zero-Carbon Construction Sites (WIZCS)’ which will be running on Wednesday 8 March and Thursday 23 March 2017 at Weetwood Hall Hotel, Leeds.

WIZCS is expected to involve construction industry organisations, academic researchers in construction management, academic researchers in renewable energy technologies, governmental organisations, quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations and research and technology organisations.  WIZCS will start the dialogue about the key issue of carbon emissions from construction sites.

WIZCS will introduce a new concept of zero carbon construction sites (ZCCS) to the construction industry that can be used to decarbonise construction site operations. WIZCS will lay the foundation for a new construction industry scheme, the zero carbon construction sites scheme (ZCCSS), that can be used to evaluate and monitor the carbon emissions from construction site activities thereby help benchmark and improve performance in this area.

Unlike many workshops, the two days of WIZCS will not be consecutive.  We have allowed for a period of two weeks between the two days to enable delegates to reflect deeply on the issues discussed on the first day and perhaps consult with colleagues in their organisations before reconvening for the second day to confirm their commitment to ZCCS and formulate plans for post-workshop activities.

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