Force and visual control for safe human-robot interaction

We're pleased to invite you to the next Robotics at Leeds seminar, which will be delivered by Professor Bruno Siciliano, University of Naples.

Applications of intelligent robots that work in contact with humans are increasing, and thus the problem of controlling the physical interaction between the robot and the human in a safe and dependable manner is of concern. This talk is aimed at presenting a unified framework for development of robot interaction control schemes using vision and force; vision provides global information on the surrounding environment to be used for motion planning and obstacle avoidance, while force allows adjusting the robot motion so that the local constraints imposed by the environment are satisfied.

The proposed solution is to adopt position-based visual servoing when the robot is far from the object, where the relative pose of the robot with respect to the object is estimated recursively using only vision. The control schemes are experimentally tested on a setup consisting of an industrial robot with open control architecture, force/torque sensor and hybrid camera. Some results with a dual-arm system are also discussed.

The event will take place in the Rhodes Lecture Theatre, School of Electronic Engineering at 12 noon on 5 December - and the talk will be followed by lunch with the speaker in the School foyer.

Professor Bruno Siciliano

Bruno Siciliano is Professor of Control and Robotics, Director of the Interdepartmental Center for Advanced Robotics in Surgery (ICAROS) and Coordinator of the PRISMA Lab in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at University of Naples Federico II. His research interests include force and visual control, human-robot interaction, aerial and surgical robotics. He has co-authored 8 books, 80 journal papers, 250 conference papers and book chapters. He has also delivered 150 invited lectures and seminars at institutions worldwide, and he has been the recipient of several awards.

Professor Siciliano is a Fellow of IEEE, ASME and IFAC. He has served on the editorial boards of several peer-reviewed journals and has been chair of program and organizing committees of several international conferences. He is Co-Editor of the Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics, and of the Springer Handbook of Robotics, which received the PROSE Award for Excellence in Physical Sciences & Mathematics and was also the winner in the category Engineering & Technology. His group has been granted sixteen European projects in the last ten years, including an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council, for a total funding of £10m.

Professor Siciliano is the Past-President of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.

Further information

For further details about the event, contact Professor Pietro Valdastri.