Robotics seminar

Join Robotics at Leeds for their next seminar with guest speaker Dr Vishwanathan Mohan from the University of Essex.

Title: Embodied action generation/ simulation in Collaborative Robots

Abstract: Co-Bots (Co-Cognitive, Co-Collaborative robots) have a tremendous potential to revolutionize several end-user domains, importantly assisting us as future Co-workers, Co-Inhabitants and Co-Explorers.

I will discuss some core functional features that have to be advanced to bring Co-Bots into the unstructured real world (of objects, actions, cause-effect relations, choices, goals and importantly people). With results from iCub humanoid, industrial robots and the new strawberry harvesting robot (The Beast) under development, I will describe an internal model based action generation/prediction system for coordinating complex networks of bodies/coupled tools and dynamically dealing with task constraints. The underlying message is that the ability to generate dexterous actions and predict consequences of potential actions (of oneself and others) are two sides of the same coin (computationally) and must seamlessly alternate during any goal oriented Co-Botic behaviour.

The second aspect the talk will focus on is enabling Co-Bots to learn on the job swiftly and cumulatively combining multiple learning streams and supported by a growing robot episodic memory architecture (i.e. inferring by remembering). Results will touch upon what happens when simple playful experiments related to "cause-effect reasoning, and creativity" originally conducted on crows, chimps, babies (by psychologists, neuroscientists) are re-enacted on robots (by engineers). Going the other way round, how all this connects to emerging trends from neurosciences, connectomics will be briefly discussed.