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Engineering and computing outreach activities

If you’re the parent, carer or teacher of someone who already finds the world of engineering and computing as fascinating as we do or perhaps they’re just setting out on their adventure of discovery in this area, then let them know that they can join us at one (or all!) of the events we organise and deliver throughout the year. An ideal opportunity for them to try out our exciting activities and it’ll give them the chance to not only have fun and meet other like-minded people but also find out more about subjects and careers that could be perfect for them.

Below you’ll find the main events we run on campus and in schools. If you have any questions or would like any further information then please view the STEM website or send an enquiry.

In-school activities

Schools wishing to arrange an engineering specific event can request delivery of one of the workshops detailed below. Both workshops will be most suitable for those studying or planning to study Mathematics A-Level and have a strong interest in the sciences.

Exploring Engineering Workshop
Workshop designed to introduce engineering jobs, equipment, projects etc. with a simple group task. Followed by a carousel of engineered products where groups try to work out what each one is. Designed to get groups talking, thinking and working together to share ideas as well as learn the basics of engineering roles and projects.
Year group: 9, 10, 11 and/or 12 pupils
Capacity: 40 pupils
Duration: 50-60 minutes
Requirements: flat floored room, one table per group.

Engineering Explained Interactive Lecture
An introduction to engineering careers, pathways, roles and requirements designed in lecture format but with interactive elements including engineering quiz, engineering what is it and other such activities. Designed to give a brief overview of engineering industry and dispel some of the myths around the subject.
Year group: 10, 11 and/or 12 pupils
Duration: 30-60 minutes
Requirements: Classroom, Hall or Theatre with projector

On-campus activities

Activities on campus are restricted due to the availability of facilities and therefore are often available during the week before Christmas, Easter and late June/early July. Our main on-campus activities are during the Leeds Festival of Science (information about which can be found on the STEM website)

Primary School activities

We have the capacity to deliver our Discover Engineering workshop at limited times throughout the year to 30 or less Year 6 pupils. The workshop can be delivered in school or on campus (time of year depending) and takes 2 hours. If you are interested in applying for this workshop please get in touch. 

Discover Engineering
In this workshop, staff and students from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Leeds will visit your school to deliver three interactive engineering activities. Pupils will explore engineering as it relates to a product designed and manufactured in Leeds, make their own mock-product to take home, and work in teams to build a GIANT tetrahedron structure (room size permitting!). The activities are designed to challenge pupils to communicate, practice, test and create using real-life examples of engineering practices and processes.