SWJTU-Leeds Joint School


The SWJTU-Leeds Joint School, approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, is a partnership between the University of Leeds and Southwest Jiaotong University to provide high-achieving students in China with the opportunity to benefit from an outstanding education and an exceptional student experience.

The SWJTU-Leeds Joint School will offer a unique UK-Chinese engineering curriculum and is the first overseas school to be set up by the University of Leeds.

Starting in September 2016, it will recruit 1,200 of the brightest high school students in China over four years. Four undergraduate degree programmes will be offered by the Joint School:

  • BSc Computer Science
  • BEng Civil Engineering with Transport
  • BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • BEng Mechanical Engineering

Although many students will spend the whole of their four-year courses in Chengdu, where they will be given intensive language education, some students will study for one or more years in Leeds. Teaching will be delivered by a combination of Leeds, SWJTU and newly recruited Joint School staff.

University of Leeds students based in the UK will also have the opportunity to attend the joint school in the coming years, and the universities plan to extend the partnership to include collaboration on postgraduate education and research.