Recent grants

​Our research is funded by research councils, industry and charities both in the UK and overseas.

  • David McKee, Royal Academy of Engineering, Massive-Scale Simulation Integration Eco-System (Feb 2018), £60,000
  • Thomas Ranner, Leverhulme Trust, Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship: A Numerical Analysis and Simulation Framework for Biological Locomotion Insights (Jul 2017), £90,000
  • Olaf Beyersdorff, John Templeton Foundation (US), A new dawn of intuitionism: mathematical and philosophical advances (Jul 2017), £48,798
  • Roy Ruddle, National Inst for Health Research (NIHR), Using dashboards to improve quality of care: a realist feasibility evaluation of QualDash (May 2017), £283,985
  • Anthony Cohn, Mehmet Dogar, EU - European Union, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship, Robotic Manipulation Planning for Human-Robot Collaboration on Forceful Manufacturing Tasks (HumRobManip) (May 2017), £146,110
  • Mehmet Dogar, EPSRC, Multi-robot manipulation planning for forceful manufacturing tasks (Dec 2016), £101,036
  • Peter Jimack, Royal Academy of Engineering, Visiting Professor in Innovation in Industry (Nov 2016), £28,500
  • Marc de Kamps, EU - European Union, HBP SGA 1 (Oct 2016), £74,999
  • Owen Johnson, Roy Ruddle, Marc de Kamps, NHS Leeds North Clinical Commissioning, Developing approaches for classifying patterns of health and social care utilisation (Apr 2016), £23,955
  • Peter Jimack, Procter & Gamble, Leeds simulation centre continuation (Apr 2016), £178,173
  • Karim Djemame, David Duke, EU - European Union, Transparent heterogeneous hardware architecture deployment for eNergy gain in operation (Dec 2015), £357,128
  • Netta Cohen, Anthony Cohn, EPSRC, Balancing the impact of city infrastructure engineering on natural systems using robots (Dec 2015), £705,038
  • Roy Ruddle, EPSRC, QuantiCode: Intelligent infrastructure for quantitative, coded longitudinal data (Oct 2015), £380,946 
  • Kristina VuškovićEPSRC, Structure of hereditary graph classes and their algorithmic consequences (Jul 2015), £570,417​