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Overseas visits

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Our overseas visits 

Faculty of Engineering academic staff and recruitment officers regularly travel overseas to meet with students interested in studying in the UK. These visits include attending exhibitions or conducting interviews at our overseas representatives’ offices.

Our staff are able to give you advice on anything, from studying at the University of Leeds, choosing the right Masters course for your future career and guidance on how to apply for a research degree.

Our alumni also often attend such events, so you can find out more from them about their experiences of studying with us.

Upcoming visits in your country

Every year, academic staff and other representatives from the Faculty of Engineering travel to countries such as China, India, Nigeria, Malaysia, among others, to meet with students interested in studying in the UK. Take a look at our upcoming visits to find out if we are attending an event near you. If your country is not featured, the University of Leeds International Office may be visiting your country soon. You can find details of their visits on the University of Leeds website.

Contact a student

If you’re thinking of applying to or are an offer holder of the Faculty of Engineering and would like to hear about other students’ experiences, you can speak with one of the Link to Leeds Ambassadors. They will be able to answer questions about life as a student at the University and what it is like to live in Leeds.

Partner Institutions

The Faculty of Engineering has links with other institutions around the world. You can view our partnership agreements in the scholarship pages in each of our schools.