Our research

IFS researcher

We achieve and encourage multidisciplinary collaborations through our four interdisciplinary research institutes and our surgical technologies research group.

Institute of Design, Robotics and Optimisation

Research covers: robotics; surgical technologies; multidisciplinary design optimisation; and design sciences.
Director: Professor Rob Richardson

Institute of Functional Surfaces

Focusses on reactions at fluid and solid surfaces and interfaces. Main areas of research and innovation include: tribology and surface engineering (lubricants, materials, tribo-chemistry and tribo-corrosion); flow assurance in the oil and gas sector (including scale formation, corrosion and erosion-corrosion).
Director: Professor Anne Neville 

Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering

Aims to find medical engineering solutions for the ageing population and addresses major healthcare challenges in musculoskeletal and cardiovascular disease in the areas of: in vitro and preclinical biotribology and biomechanical simulation systems; longer lasting joint replacements and biological scaffolds for regenerative therapies.
Director: Professor Ruth Wilcox

Institute of Thermofluids

Focusses on combustion (in engines and hazards), heat transfer (eg in electronics systems), manufacturing fluids processing (eg pharmaceutical, coating and printing) and computational fluid dynamics (eg multiphase flows and wetting).
Director: Dr Mark Wilson