Nuclear Leeds

Research team


Our multidisciplinary network of academics from across the University of Leeds is able to deliver a coordinated approach to nuclear-related research and education in the UK.

If you are interested in collaborating with us or joining our research team, please get in touch. 

Professor Bruce Hanson, Director; e:

Joseph Antony, Associate Professor, Multi-scale particulate processing: Experiments and simulations
Andrew Bell, Professor, Electronic Materials
Leon Black, Senior Lecturer, Civil Engineering Materials
Duncan Borman, Lecturer, Engineering Mathematics and Modelling
Ian Burke, Associate Professor, Environmental Geochemistry
Alan Burns, Associate Professor
Chris Carr, Professor, Textile Technology
Xiaohui Chen, Lecturer, Geo-technics
David Cowell, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Ultrasound Group
Michael Fairweather, Professor, Thermofluids and Combustion
Steve Freear, Senior Lecturer
Rob Hammond, Lecturer, Crystallisation
David Harbottle, Lecturer, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering
Peter Heggs, Visiting Research Professor
Tim Hunter, Lecturer, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering
Xiaodong Jia, Senior Research Fellow
Peter Jimack, Professor, Scientific Computation
Malcolm Lawes, Senior Lecturer
Daniel Lesnic, Professor, Applied Mathematics
Giorgio Locatelli, Lecturer Infrastructure, Procurement and Management 
Frans Muller, Professor, Chemical Engineering
Andrew Mullis, Professor, Solidification Processing
Jeffery Peakall, Professor, Sedimentology
Ian Richardson, Professor, Civil Engineering Materials
Kevin Roberts, Professor, Chemical Engineering
Andrew Scott, Senior Lecturer, Materials
Yong Sheng , Associate Professor, Structural Engineering
Doug Stewart, Professor, Geo-environmental Engineering
Konstantinos Tsavdaridis, Associate Professor, Structural Engineering
Mi Wang , Professor, Process Tomogrophy and Sensing
Aidan Westwood, Lecturer, Advanced Carbon Materials
James Young, Director of Research, School of Chemical and Process Engineering

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Marco Colombo, Research Fellow, Modelling and CFD Simulation of Two-phase Boiling Flows
Hugh Rice, Research Fellow, Acoustic Monitoring of Suspensions and Slurries
Derrick Njobuenwu, Research Fellow, CFD of Multiphase Flows

PhD Students

Charlotte Parrington, Development of high efficiency coalescers and settlers
Helen Freeman, Nanoscale investigation of radiation damage in nuclear graphite
Jaiyana Bux, In situ characterisation of suspensions and sludge separation with an acoustic backscatter system
James Goode, Transitioning fuel from wet storage to specifically SS clad AGR fuel rods
James Shepherd, Mathematical modelling of the reprocessing options for carbide fuel
Jessica Shiels, Sythesis of highly active nuclear waste simulants with variable aspect ratio and characterisation of their behaviours in dispersions
Johannes Botha, The development of characterisation techniques for intermediate level waste sludges
John Vickers, PIV of Multi-Phase Impinging Jet and Pipe Flows
Josh Hawthorne, Encapsulation grouts for ILW; the impact of variations in their chemical and physical composition
Jujar Panesar, Heat transfer and multiple flow in the Sellafield Highly Active Liquor Evaporation and Storage (HALES) evaporators
Kenneth Asiagbe, Numerical Simulation of Gas-Liquid Bubbly Flows
Lee Mortimer, Particle Transport, Deposition and Agglomeration for Nuclear Reactor and Nuclear Waste Flow Applications
Matthew Garlick, Modelling and simulation of single and multiphase round impinging jets
Michael Dawson, Computational Models for the Simulation and Monitoring of Developing Crystalline Deposits Originating from Dripping Process Liquors
Michael Johnson, Investigation of Gas Hold-Up in Sludge Beds
Mohammad Afkhami, Large eddy simulation of particle agglomeration, dispersion, and deposition in fully-coupled two-phase turbulent channel flow.
Nathaniel Gjoderum-Symons, Density Functional Theory (DFT) modelling of materials in the Highly Active Storage Tanks (HASTs)
Rodrigo Guadarrama-Lara, Modelling fluid-structure interaction problems with coupled DEM-LBM
Shafeeq Ahmed, Solids Aggregation in Nuclear Waste Sludge
Toby Lord, The Impact of Recycled Concrete Fines on the Engineering Performance of Cementitious Infill
Tosanbami Ogholaja, Large Eddy Simulation of Particle Agglomeration in Turbulent Channel Flows
Wei Ding, Disposal of uranium hexafluoride through direct conversion to uranates - fundamental understanding of uranate dissolution processes