Partner Institutions


Our agreement with INTI enables students who have completed year 1 of their programmes to gain entry onto level two of an undergraduate degree in the courses listed below.


University of Leeds

Entry requirements 

1 year

 Level 2

Level 3               


Diploma in Engineering

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering




A minimum average grade of 60% for the Diploma in Engineering including a minimum of 60% in the “Technical English” module (or an equivalent level of English competence as recommended by the UL Language Centre).

Electronic Engineering

BEng Electronic Engineering

Electronic and Communications Engineering


BEng Electronic and Communications Engineering


Mechatronics and Robotics BEng Mechatronics and Robotics

Diploma in Engineering

Computer Science

BSc Computer Science

Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence

BSc Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence 

INTI scholarship

Students starting on one of these undergraduate degrees will be eligible to receive a scholarship worth 10% of the full international tuition fees for each year of study, subject to satisfactory progression.