Project work

Year three

undergraduate project work

A significant proportion of your third year is dedicated to project work. Depending on your programme of study, you’ll either do a major individual project in your third year, or you’ll do a group design project in your third year and an individual project in your fourth year.

Individual project

Individual projects give you a chance to show your technical independence and creativity. Working alongside an academic specialist, you’ll have the opportunity to select from a wide variety of topics within electronic and electrical engineering.

If you’re a Music, Multimedia and Electronics student you will study a major music technology module, which is an open brief individual project. The focus for the project is decided entirely by the student and, with the support of a dedicated supervisor, can consist of anything from recording and editing an album, to music synthesis and signal processing.

Individual project examples

The design of NAO humanoid robot teleoperation system
Third year MEng Mechatronics and Robotics student Mark Narvidas has been working on designing a robot that can be manipulated by moving parts of the human body.


High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) driver system
Maksims Kuznecovs has been working on a system that can deliver non-invasive cancer treatment for his third year MEng Mechatronics and Robotics project.


An investigation on mind controlled applications
For his third year BEng project, Nemr has been investigating an exciting way that we can use EEG signals (electrical activity of the brain) in the electronics field.


Group design project

You’ll undertake a group design project if you’re studying one of our core degree programmes leading to an MEng Honours degree or if you are a Music, Multimedia and Electronics student.

Group projects provide an exciting opportunity to prove that you’re ready to be considered a professional engineer. Working with other student engineers, you’ll manage a complex technical project and achieve something to be proud of. Some of our group projects have been truly impressive!

Group design project examples

A spherical persistence of vision display
These students designed and developed a 3D persistence-of-vision ‘globe’. This was one of our most impressive projects, using smart-phone apps to control a stunning display of graphics and live internet-driven information.

Design of a system for untethered data acquisition in neurological studies
These third year Electronics and Nanotechnology students have created a way to wirelessly record the action potential from nerve cells and transmit them to an SD Card for their project.

The utilisation of skeletal tracking to wirelessly control a robot
This project developed a skeletal tracking software program, based on a Microsoft Kinect. A wireless interface was then designed to control a ‘RoboNova’ humanoid robot – with many possible applications.

Oliver Peel - MEng Electronic Engineering

There have been many highlights throughout my degree but one of the most exciting things I have undertaken was in my third year group project module. My team designed a high-tech 3D persistence of vision globe which made it onto the discovery channel website.
Oliver Peel