Project work

Year one

Year one project work

In your first year, you’ll design 3D parts for a gearbox using computer software. You’ll have these parts manufactured by our manufacturing workshop. You’ll then assemble the gearbox to test whether they fit together in a perfect assembly.

As part of the design and manufacture module, you’ll work in a team to design and make an elastic-powered device to transport a box of accelerometers (e.g., a Nintendo Wii remote) over a given distance. The devices are then raced or tested against each other in our industry-sponsored ‘Shooting, Racing and Flying’ competition. The teams face many challenges along the way but you’ll soon realise that all your hard work is worth the reward when you begin the competition. The device that you build depends on the course that you’re on:

Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

You’ll create four-wheel buggies within a specific set of dimensions and to a specific weight. You can expect to see a wide range of designs and ideas as each of you will hope that your buggy will travel the furthest in the final competition.

Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering 

You’ll build gliders focusing on both the design and manufacture of the glider and its wings. 

Medical Engineering

You’ll construct a ‘bio-arm’ to throw a ball containing accelerometers into a movable target.

You’ll also work with your team to build a cardboard bridge and use knowledge from modules on materials, mechanics, design and manufacture, maths and computer analysis to predict when and where it’ll break. You’ll then test the accuracy of your predictions against measured performance.


Sarah Mohd Mokhdhari - MEng Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering

At the beginning of my first semester, we worked in a team of six to build a gearbox with an assigned gear ratio. We used Solidworks to come up with detailed 2D drawings of the shafts and gearbox assembly.
Sarah Mohd Mokhdhari