Project work

Year two

Year two project work

In your second year, you’ll take part in our flagship design and make project – The Daring Dash - which is a world-class learning activity sponsored by National Instruments and Jaguar Land Rover. The challenge is to build an autonomous electric-powered buggy to travel over a bumpy course and stop on a bull’s-eye. The activity applies theory from modules of vibration and control, mechatronics, design and manufacture, and mechanics. You’ll programme a high-specification embedded controller, design a suspension and chassis, and select motors/drive train components, competing against your peers for a winning time – and a real cash or equipment prize!

Aeronautical and Aerospace students undertake ‘The Martian Mile’. Instead of developing an earthbound buggy, you’ll design, build and test a planetary rover suitable for deployment on Mars. With this project, weight is more of a concern than speed and rubber tyres are no longer an option due to the organic compounds so you’ll need to create your own wheels. The assignment is sponsored by the National Instruments and the Exo-Mars team (a subsidiary of Airbus) and they’ll judge the best design.

The next CDIO challenge is to apply theory from the thermofluids modules and other modules to design and build a microhydroelectricity device to generate electricity from flowing water. You’ll then test your device in our water flume. The teams that generate the most power will get the best marks!