Quantum electronics and communications


Quantum Electronics and Communications

The group is internationally recognised for research in the simulation, design and optimisation of both III-V and silicon-based semiconductor devices, in particular quantum cascade lasers, quantum well photodetectors, electro-optic modulators and quantum-dot devices, operating across the near-infrared, mid-infrared and THz spectral ranges. 

Our work on silicon photonics is focused on the design of silicon and germanium-based optoelectronic devices suitable for integration on silicon substrates.  Progress in silicon-based optical transceivers is limited by the lack of an efficient light source. We are investigating the used of strained germanium and germanium/tin alloys, in order to engineer direct-bandgap materials suitable for lasers. Applications of germanium/tin alloys in microelectronics and thermoelectric power generation are also being investigated. 

Emerging quantum communications technologies can provide information security against computationally unbounded adversaries. The group is working on solutions for integrating quantum and classical networks, and to provide quantum security at any distance between any two network users.

Research team

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Professor Robert W Kelsall
Dr Marco Califano
Dr Zoran Ikonic
Dr Dragan Indjin
Dr Mohsen Razavi