Terahertz electronics and photonics

Research highlights


Research highlights include the: 

  • Demonstration of world record THz QCL powers, and the first use of photonic crystal structures, graded photonic heterostructures, and ‘spoof’ surface plasmons to engineer emission profiles.
  • First demonstration of a THz pulse amplifier, and active mode-locking of a THz QCL, leading to the first measurement of sampling coherence in a QCL.
  • Investigation of universal conductivity scaling in the high frequency quantum Hall regime, and the first picosecond probing of THz plasmons in coupled two-dimensional semiconductor resonators.
  • First comparison of quantum mechanical and classical simulations of THz spectra, focusing on explosives, and the first spectroscopy of functional single crystal proteins under physiological conditions.
  • First demonstration of new THz QCL imaging/spectroscopy methodologies, including self-mixing imaging, and the first waveguide-integrated THz QCL technology for in-orbit satellite demonstration of Earth observation.