Communication networks and systems


Network communications
  • Energy efficient communication systems and networks supported by a £5.9m EPSRC programme grant.  Our work has been taken up by a number of industrial partners, most notably the GreenTouch consortium. It covers the following areas:
    • Improving energy efficiency in core IP over WDM networks considering core networks with data centers, elastic optical networks, video content caching networks, peer-to-peer and cloud networks, virtualised, software defined and information centric networks, next generation routing protocols, and network carbon footprint reduction through optimum use of renewable energy.
    • Energy efficient IoT networks using cloud technology and resource virtualization. 
    • Energy efficient Cloud networks providing intelligent cloud networks for the different cloud services. 
    • Energy efficient data center networks: providing novel optical interconnectivity inside data centers using state of the art optical components. 
  • Optical wireless (OW) systems – focusing on visible light communications (VLC) based on white light emitting diodes (LEDs), multi-beam optical systems, beam steering and adaptation 
  • Wireless and cellular systems and networks: specialising in ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Drive through the Internet’ with a particular emphasis on energy efficient vehicular cloud, vehicular infotainment and smart cities, cloud assisted driving for autonomous cars, route and time optimisation of electric vehicles.
  • High-performance networking including architecture, design and analysis of high-performance switches and Internet routers.
  • Next Generation Networks and networks for data centres, with an emphasis on hardware-software co-design and Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

Research team

If you are interested in collaborating with us or joining our research team, please get in touch. 

Professor Jaafar elmirghani
Dr Ammar Al-salka
Dr Samya Bhattacharya
Dr Taisir Elgorashi
Dr Ahmed Lawey
Mr Mohamed Musa
Mr Leonard Nonde
Dr Lotfi Mhamdi