Leeds electron microscopy and spectroscopy centre


LEMAS is internationally renowned as a leading research centre in microscopic and spectroscopic characterization of solid materials.

Our facilities can be broken down into the following three categories:

Transmission electron microscopy

  • FEI Tecnai TF20: FEGTEM Field emission gun TEM/STEM fitted with HAADF detector, Oxford Instruments INCA 350 EDX system/80mm X-Max SDD detector and Gatan Orius SC600A CCD camera.
  • FEI Titan3 Themis 300: X-FEG 300 kV S/TEM with S-TWIN objective lens, monochromator (energy spread approx. 0.25 eV), multiple HAADF/ADF/BF STEM detectors, FEI Super-X 4-detector EDX system, Gatan Quantum ER energy filter for EELS and EFTEM and Gatan OneView 4K CMOS digital camera.    
  • Special TEM sample facilities: (i) 2 double tilt analytical holders, (ii) Tilt/rotate analytical cooling holder, (iii) Bench-mounted ex-situ reaction/heating cell with vacuum transfer facility, (iv) Fischione plasma cleaner, (v) Gatan model 628 single tilt heating holder - up to 1200C, (vi) Nanofactory combined Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM) and TEM holder.
  • TEM Sample Preparation: (i) Gatan PIPS low angle ion beam thinner, (ii) Gatan Duomill with sample cooling facility (iii) 2 Dimplers, (iv) Range of Coating units.

Dualbeam FIB

  • FEI Helios G4 CX DualBeam - High resolution monochromated FEGSEM with precise Focused Ion Beam (FIB).
  • In-situ TEM sample preparation and Slice&View acquisition of multi signal 3D data sets.

Scanning electron microscopy

  • Hitachi SU8230: high performance cold field emission(CFE) SEM with Oxford Instruments Aztec Energy EDX system with 80mm X-Max SDD detector - Ultra high resolution, low kV, Simultaneous SE, BSE, BF and DF imaging, with nanoscale resolution as well as nanoscale EDX capabilities.
  • Carl Zeiss EVO MA15: variable pressure W SEM with Oxford Instruments AZtecEnergy EDX system with 80mm X-Max SDD detector- secondary and backscattered imaging, EDX elemental mapping and linescans plus CZ STEM detector.
  • FEI Quanta 650: FEGESEM environmental SEM with Oxford Instruments INCA 350 EDX system/80mm X-Max SDD detector, EBSD and KE Centaurus EBSD system.SEM for orientation imaging, texture analysis etc with environmental capabilities.
  • Jeol 8230: dedicated electron microprobe with 5 spectrometers, EDS/EDX capabilities- for quantitative mapping and microanalysis.
  • Tescan VEGA3 XM. Tungsten source machine with large chamber and high sample throughput, equipped with X-max 150 SDD EDS and Aztec 3.3 software, also RGB filtered CL system.

To find out more information about our facilities, please contact the LEMAS Facility Manager, John Harrington, e: j.p.harrington@leeds.ac.uk.