Project work


undergraduate project work

If you’re looking to develop relevant and practical skills for the workplace then the individual and group project work you’ll carry out throughout your course will take you one step closer to becoming a confident and self-motivated graduate.

The group design projects will enable you to hone the skills you need to successfully complete designs of real industrial processes. You’ll work in small teams to boost your technical and problem-solving abilities, drawing on knowledge gained elsewhere on your course.

The individual and group research projects will teach you not only how to conduct innovative research but also how to communicate the practical and technical relevance of the results. As well as focusing on technical and problem-solving abilities, project work also allows you to develop professional skills to facilitate successful participation in design and research activities, including team work and effective communication skills.

Becky Penhale-Jones - MEng Chemical and Energy Engineering

The large amount of group project work that you participate in really helps you mix with people you might never have spoken to, but it also helps to ensure your work is the best it can be. If there is one area of work that you aren't strong in, someone else in your group will be able to help you understand it.
Becky Penhale-Jones