Project work

Year three

Year three project work

As a third year undergraduate, you’ll work in a group to design a chemical process plant or other industrial operation. Each project is supervised by a member of academic staff who you’ll meet with on a weekly basis. You’ll also attend a series of lectures and seminars dealing with relevant aspects of the planning, design and evaluation of the project, and ethical issues. Each design group will assume the role of a group of engineers within a company and you’ll be tasked with making a recommendation to the company’s Board of Directors as to whether the expansion of an existing chemical plant or the installation of a new chemical plant would be the preferred course of action. You’ll be required to produce:

  • a project plan detailing the planning and execution of the project
  • an interim report at the end of semester 1
  • a final report at the end of semester 2.

The design project is an exciting and vital part of your degree; a pass in this module is important for admission to membership of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) after graduation.

This project will help you to develop essential engineering skills such as:

  • experience of working in design teams
  • demonstrating process selection based on sound scientific and engineering data
  • project management experience
  • awareness of financial, environmental and other aspects associated with a major design project.

Examples of current projects include:

  • manufacture of detergent powder
  • hydrogen production from natural and shale gas
  • manufacture of chlorine
  • CO2 capture plant
  • highly active waste treatment plant.

Anuar Kalimuratov - MEng Petroleum Engineering

The final design project brings everything that I have learnt so far into one big project. This is a really good chance to experience actual industry work, where we are supervised at the same time as being free to do our own gas and oil field development.
Anuar Kalimuratov