Construction Site Fieldcourse

Construction site fieldcourse

At the end of your second year you’ll have the opportunity to take part in our optional Construction Site Field Course module, which is an exciting hands-on construction experience contributing towards your third year. The course will challenge you to use your theoretical knowledge and practical skills on a reduced scale construction project, as well as providing you with an understanding of a wide variety of design- and construction-related issues.

The dedicated Constructionarium site is located at the National Construction College site at Bircham Newton and comprises two site compounds and a large project area featuring lakes, a dry dock, a ravine, rivers and other topological features.

You’ll work in teams of 18 to construct scaled-down versions of bridges, buildings and other civil engineering projects over a five-day period. Recent examples include a scaled-down version of The Gherkin, Ravenspurn Oil Rig and Brewery Wharf Footbridge. On the final day you’ll be assessed in terms of budgetary control, methodology and timely completion.

You must apply to take the module early in your second year and you’ll be selected for participation on the basis of your academic and industrial/practical profile.