Architecture European field trip

Field trip to Naples

Third year Architecture students take part in a one week field trip to a European City. You will have the opportunity to investigate the urban development and history of the city and engage with local university to develop a design project. This will be a unique opportunity to study and design in an international context while enjoying a great city rich in culture, history, and architecture. The cost for this trip is covered by the university.

This year, students went to Naples, a city rich in architecture and culture. Students worked with the University of Naples Federico II to propose an urban regeneration of a historical area of the city. The work began with a site visit, where students had the opportunity to engage with the local University of Architecture to understand and discuss the area and the design processes.

Students also visited the main historical area of the city centre of Naples,  areas underneath the city and the ancient town of Pompeii. By visiting, analysing and recording the characteristics of these areas, students gained an essential understanding of the setting and context of the environment in which their designs were positioned.

By the end of the semester, the students will develop the design of a new residential building in substitution of an existing one, and the design of the square in front of the building.