Project work


Undergraduate project work

The project work you’ll carry out on your course will take you one step closer to becoming a confident and self-motivated graduate.

Projects are an important feature of all our courses. In addition to being a really enjoyable way to learn, they provide you with an excellent opportunity to explore topics in depth and enable you to develop essential skills such as problem-solving, communication and teamwork, all of which are vital to success in your chosen career. All our courses include at least one significant project in every year of study

Our close links with industry means that you’ll benefit from industrial input into design projects at a variety of levels, from setting projects to more direct involvement in discussions and consultancy.


Josephine Sanusi - BSc Computer Science (Industrial)

My final year project was an experience that has helped me in my career so far, as I spent the best part of 5 months learning about a technology I knew nothing about to begin with. I learnt the discipline needed to commit to a task and how to keep going despite obstacles that appeared along the way.
Josephine Sanusi