Clean combustion

Research highlights

Bill Gale and student

Research highlights include:

  • We house the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Bioenergy, training 50 PhD graduates to tackle challenges concerning performance, cost effectiveness, sustainability, food security and biodiversity.
  • We perform interdisciplinary, multi-scale research into alternative fuel performance across scales from quantum calculations of combustion kinetics, to engine performance and fuel additive design, to real world emissions.
  • We bring both expertise and unique facilities to enable the investigation of fundamental and practical issues relating to both fire and explosion hazards.
  • We conduct a broad range of research in high temperature CO2 separation technologies from combustion processes including reforming, chemical looping, CO2 sorption, use of activated carbon.
  • We develop and use novel dynamic modelling and analytical methods to develop catalytic technologies for the treatment of gaseous combustion effluents.