Clean combustion


Bill Gale and student

Facilities include:

  • Engine dynamometer facility equipped with 100kW Euro V diesel engine; online emissions sampling.
  • Instrumented hybrid on road test vehicle.
  • Portable pollutant monitoring equipment.
  • Instrumented wood burning stove for emissions investigation.
  • World-class analytical laboratories for fuel and particulate analysis including ISO standard test methods, STA-MS-FTIR and py-GC-MS.
  • A wide range of pollutant monitoring equipment including particle size distributions via DMS500, SMPS, ELPI.
  • In situ monitoring with X-ray methods in collaboration with the Diamond facilities – spectroscopy, scattering, 2D/3D imaging, tomography.
  • Thermal carbonisation/activation rigs.
  • Gas sorption and controlled/variable atmosphere TGA rigs for studying sorbents.
  • The Leeds Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy Centre.
  • Wide range of both non-commercial and commercially linked CFD codes for turbulent and multi-phase combustion simulations including RANS, LES, DNS, multi-phase flows.
  • A range of fire safety testing equipment including: ventilation controlled compartment fire facilities, cone calorimeter, Purser furnace for measurement of toxic yields from fires, 1 m3 fire resistance furnace, Hartmann tube (explosions).