Waste management and resource recovery

Research highlights

Postgraduate researchers

Research highlights include:

Energy from waste:

Thermochemical and biological conversion, catalytic processing, environmental monitoring and control, energy and nutrient cycling, agricultural residues and industrial wastes,  valorisation of waste via pre-treatment and pre-processing, biofuels and biogas,  production of bio-coal process intensification, emissions and operational problems, energy efficiency and optimisation, system integration and distributed supply.

Resource recovery and biorefining:

Chemical and mineral recovery, high value materials, resource utilization, green chemistry, metallurgy and metal recovery,   waste-derived chars and carbon science for separation technologies , characterisation and analytical sciences, structure-property relationships, modelling, process and unit operation modelling.

Nuclear waste management:

Fundamental science on (i) the mechanisms underpinning the evolution of waste during storage, (ii) characterisation of that waste and (iii) in the processes to treat & dispose of waste are used to design new technologies related to the processing and storage/disposal of solid-liquid and liquid wastes encountered on historical sites and the surrounding environment.. Expertise in both experimental design and multiphase flow computational simulation.

Treatment of industrial and municipal wastes:

Pollution control,  tailings, processing/separations of solid-liquid and liquid-liquid wastes, mitigating fouling and waste accumulation, treatment of tailings,  adsorption, waste heat recovery, monitoring/separation of multiphase flows, process and reactor simulation.