Waste management and resource recovery


Postgraduate researchers

Facilities include:

  • iPRD processing equipment
  • Waste processing laboratory
  • Analytical facilities
  • Gas sorption and controlled/variable atmosphere TGA rigs
  • The Leeds Electron Microscopy and Spectroscopy Centre
  • Thermochemical processing facilities
  • Biological processing facilities
  • Combustion testing facilities
  • Fire and explosion testing
  • Thermoacoustic engines/generators/coolers
  • Engine testing facility
  • On-line emission monitoring equipment
  • Particle analysis and characterisation, colloids and surface science laboratory
  • X ray analysis
  • LIBS (elemental analysis on solids, liquids and gases)
  • Laboratory space where open sources can be used
  • Computational facilities
  • Aspen Process Modelling and Aspen Economic Evaluation V8.8, Ansys CFX
  •  Multi-phase flow facilities.