Low carbon energy

Research highlights

Energy students

Research highlights include:

Biomass conversion and future fuels, bioenergy, green chemistry 

Land and aquatic biomass pre-treatment and  energy densification, bio and thermochemical conversion processes (e.g. gasification, pyrolysis, liquefaction, reforming, co-combustion), energy crops, low grade lignocellulosic fuels, effluent separation and product upgrading, ash behaviour, catalytic multi-phase processes, production of liquid biofuels, biocrudes, syngas, high purity hydrogen and substitute natural gas, biofuels for surface and air transport applications.

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction from mobile and stationary emitters

Power demand of aviation activities (taxying/auxilliaries), aviation jet turbines emissions, compression ignition and spark ignition engines, marine transport emissions, domestic and plant boilers, process fired heaters, power generation, chemical plants.

Safety of low carbon energy technologies

Biomass dust explosions testing and biomass self-ignition behaviour, hazards associated with CO2 storage and transport, sensing and control, air/land/water pollutants emissions.

Solar thermal, solar photovoltaic and wind energy

Renewable resource prediction, city-scale microgeneration, PV nanomaterials, plasmonics, wind energy forecasting. 

Energy efficient industrial processes and manufacture

Improving flow properties and behaviour of colloids and particle motion, improved heat transfer characteristics, applications of laser and inkjet techniques in manufacture.

Nuclear waste management, fuel reprocessing and reactor operations

Legacy waste handling and treatment, solid-liquid and liquid-liquid separations, environmental remediation, complex particulate systems, experimental measurements and modelling of particulate pipe flows. 

Energy systems modelling and policy

Smart cities, integrated energy systems modelling, whole energy systems, techno-economics, low-carbon innovation, energy technology policy, energy strategy development.