Applied photon science

Research areas

Applied photon research

Research areas include:

Ultrafast laser applications: Ultrafast laser plasma doping waveguides on silica, silicon etc, CMOS compatible manufacturing, glass, semiconductor and polymer thin films, nonlinear optics, laser plasma spectroscopy, anti-counterfeiting and cosmetics patterning with laser plasma. For more information visit:

Biosensors and bioimaging: Optical/photonic sensing of stresses in engineering materials, non-invasive sensing of biomolecules, upconverstion nanoparticles for sensing and imaging, mid-IR integrated optic sensors. 

Optical and spectroscopic characterization: Raman, fluorescence and UV-VIS-NIR absorption/reflectance spectroscopy of materials, LIBS for nuclear materials, multi-element EXAFS and XANES,  X-ray / UV / vis photon techniques. 

Advanced modelling and theoretical optics: Electromagnetic and optical modelling, multiscale modelling.

Photonic materials and devices engineering: Plasmonic nanostructures, photovoltaic materials and devices, rare earth doped glasses and nanopartilces, graphene, optical fibres and semiconductors, waveguide lasers and amplifiers, photonic integrated circuits.