Nuclear Leeds

Research team


Our multidisciplinary network of academics from across the University of Leeds is able to deliver a coordinated approach to nuclear-related research and education in the UK.

If you are interested in collaborating with us or joining our research team, please get in touch. 

Professor Bruce Hanson, Director; e:

  • Joseph Antony, Associate Professor, Multi-scale particulate processing: Experiments and simulations
  • Andrew Bell, Professor, Electronic Materials
  • Leon Black, Senior Lecturer, Civil Engineering Materials
  • Duncan Borman, Lecturer, Engineering Mathematics and Modelling
  • Ian Burke, Associate Professor, Environmental Geochemistry
  • Alan Burns, Associate Professor
  • Chris Carr, Professor, Textile Technology
  • Xiaohui Chen, Lecturer, Geo-technics
  • David Cowell, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Ultrasound Group
  • Michael Fairweather, Professor, Thermofluids and Combustion
  • Steve Freear, Senior Lecturer
  • Rob Hammond, Lecturer, Crystallisation
  • David Harbottle, Lecturer, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering
  • Peter Heggs, Visiting Research Professor
  • Tim Hunter, Lecturer, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering
  • Xiaodong Jia, Senior Research Fellow
  • Peter Jimack, Professor, Scientific Computation
  • Malcolm Lawes, Senior Lecturer
  • Daniel Lesnic, Professor, Applied Mathematics
  • Giorgio Locatelli, Lecturer Infrastructure, Procurement and Management 
  • Frans Muller, Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Andrew Mullis, Professor, Solidification Processing
  • Jeffery Peakall, Professor, Sedimentology
  • Ian Richardson, Professor, Civil Engineering Materials
  • Kevin Roberts, Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Andrew Scott, Senior Lecturer, Materials
  • Yong Sheng , Associate Professor, Structural Engineering
  • Doug Stewart, Professor, Geo-environmental Engineering
  • Konstantinos Tsavdaridis, Associate Professor, Structural Engineering
  • Mi Wang , Professor, Process Tomogrophy and Sensing
  • Aidan Westwood, Lecturer, Advanced Carbon Materials
  • James Young, Director of Research, School of Chemical and Process Engineering

Post-Doctoral Research Associates

  • Marco Colombo, Research Fellow, Modelling and CFD Simulation of Two-phase Boiling Flows
  • Hugh Rice, Research Fellow, Acoustic Monitoring of Suspensions and Slurries
  • Derrick Njobuenwu, Research Fellow, CFD of Multiphase Flows
  • Konstantinos Lyras, Research Fellow, CFD of fluids in centrifugal contactors
  • Alastair Baker, Research Fellow, Operating battery of centrifugal contactors on a 300L rig 
  • Michael Johnson, Research Fellow, Investigation of Gas Hold-Up in Sludge Beds

PhD Students

  • Charlotte Parrington, Development of high efficiency coalescers and settlers
  • James Shepherd, Mathematical modelling of the reprocessing options for carbide fuel
  • Jessica Shiels, Sythesis of highly active nuclear waste simulants with variable aspect ratio and characterisation of their behaviours in dispersions
  • John Vickers, PIV of Multi-Phase Impinging Jet and Pipe Flows
  • Jujar Panesar, Heat transfer and multiple flow in the Sellafield Highly Active Liquor Evaporation and Storage (HALES) evaporators
  • Kenneth Asiagbe, Numerical Simulation of Gas-Liquid Bubbly Flows
  • Lee Mortimer, Particle Transport, Deposition and Agglomeration for Nuclear Reactor and Nuclear Waste Flow Applications
  • Matthew Garlick, Modelling and simulation of single and multiphase round impinging jets
  • Michael Dawson, Computational Models for the Simulation and Monitoring of Developing Crystalline Deposits Originating from Dripping Process Liquors
  • Nathaniel Gjoderum-Symons, Density Functional Theory (DFT) modelling of materials in the Highly Active Storage Tanks (HASTs)
  • Rodrigo Guadarrama-Lara, Modelling fluid-structure interaction problems with coupled DEM-LBM
  • Shafeeq Ahmed, Solids Aggregation in Nuclear Waste Sludge
  • Toby Lord, The Impact of Recycled Concrete Fines on the Engineering Performance of Cementitious Infill
  • Tosanbami Ogholaja, Large Eddy Simulation of Particle Agglomeration in Turbulent Channel Flows
  • Wei Ding, Disposal of uranium hexafluoride through direct conversion to uranates - fundamental understanding of uranate dissolution processes