Waste management and resource recovery


Postgraduate researchers

The group has broad research interests spanning conventional waste management, advanced treatment technologies for the management of specialist industrial and agricultural wastes and the treatment and processing of nuclear wastes.

The group has expertise in thermochemical and biological processing, separation and extraction, system integration and computational modelling. Research includes recovery of high value materials, waste to energy, nuclear waste management and bio-refining.

The group’s activities are underpinned by state of the art analytical facilities and capability in developing, building and operating novel reactor facilities. The expertise of over 20 academic members allows a fundamental approach in science and engineering to deliver applied solutions to the field of waste management and resource recovery and the integration of these in industrial eco systems.

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If you are interested in collaborating with us or joining our research team, please contact Dr Andrew Ross.

We have opportunities for prospective PhD students including a number of studentships. Informal enquiries can be made to Dr Andrew Ross.

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