Functional materials, products and devices


The group provides materials and process solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, oil and gas, ICT, defence, fine chemicals and energy sectors.

It undertakes research related to the manufacture and application of materials, with strengths in (i) particle & nanoparticle properties and processing and (ii) functional materials engineering, complimented by cutting edge research in nano-characterization, employing state-of-the-art electron microscopy and spectroscopy. All activities are underpinned by modelling from the atomistic level through to continuum mechanics. 

1. Materials fabrication and processing: 

  • particulates and nanoparticles
    • crystallization, particle formation, colloid science, polymer synthesis, particle functionalization, systems engineering;
  • metals, oxide ceramics, glasses, crystals and thin-films 
    • rapid solidification, sintering, laser deposition and surface modification, crystal growth

2. Application specific materials and devices:

  • nanoparticles
    • healthcare, photovoltaics, catalysis, oil & gas, heat transfer
  • functional materials
    • ferroelectrics, photonic glasses, ionic conductors, carbon
  • devices
    • capacitors, piezo-transducers, electrochemical sensors, thermo-acoustics, thermal management

3. Characterization:

  • nanostructure
    • electron microscopy and spectroscopy 
    • biological specimens and hard/soft matter interface 
    • high resolution imaging, SuperSTEM
  • X-ray diffractometry 
    • in situ and synchrotron studies

4. Modelling:

  • ab initio models, supporting EM and spectroscopy techniques
    • DFT and MD models
  • multiscale modelling from discrete packing models through to continuum mechanics
    • discrete and finite element methods, phase field models and bespoke codes 

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If you are interested in collaborating with us or joining our research team, please contact Professor Andrew Bell.

We have opportunities for prospective PhD students including a number of studentships. Informal enquiries can be made to Professor Andrew Bell.

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