Corrosion and erosion-corrosion


researcher in corrosion laboratory

We work with the oil and gas sector to find effective solutions to the key problem of internal corrosion in oil wells and pipelines. Impurities, within the oil and gas, can cause pipeline failure which affects production and results in health and safety concerns.

Industry-driven collaborative research in our labs focuses on understanding the fundamental physics and chemistry of material degradation mechanisms. Our focus is on providing outputs which industry can utilise to ensure safer and more efficient hydrocarbon transport. We focus also on novel approaches for corrosion mitigation.

Current research includes:

  • Localised corrosion in H2S containing environments
  • Combined numerical and experimental approaches to predict corrosion product formation kinetics in CO2 environments
  • In situ measurements of scale formation (XRD and optical)
  • Matrix acidizing
  • High temperature/High pressure corrosion
  • Top of line corrosion – modelling and experimental approaches
  • Erosion-corrosion in CO2 environments
  • Pit initiation and propagation in CO2 environments
  • Under-deposit corrosion
  • Understanding the precursors to localised corrosion in CO2 environments.

Research team

If you are interested in collaborating with us or joining our research team, please contact us.

Professor Anne Neville
Dr Richard Barker
Dr Yong Hua
Dr Wassim Taleb
Dr Frederick Pessu
Dr Cayetano Espejo Conesa
Dr Adriana Veloza
Dr Abdel Dorgham
Dr Farnaz Salehi
Dr Ali Ghanbarzadeh
Dr Thibaut Charpentier (School of Chemical Engineering)