Surgical and medical robotics


Our surgical robotics research is centered around Medical Capsule Robots, with much of our work taking place in the Science and Technology of Robotics in Medicine (STORM) Lab.

Capsule robots are meso-scale devices that leverage extreme miniaturization to access and operate in environments that are out of reach for larger robots. In medicine, capsule robots can be designed to enter the human body through natural orifices or small incisions, and to perform endoscopy and surgery while minimizing the invasiveness of the procedure.

Despite the tremendous progresses made in computational power, miniaturization, power efficiency, and rapid manufacturing in the past decade, the field of medical capsule robots is still in its infancy and current research prototypes are far from being translated into clinical practice.

We are a multidisciplinary team working at the intersection of robotics and medicine with strong links with hospital and industries active in the field.

The STORM Lab was founded in August 2011 by Pietro Valdastri as he moved to Vanderbilt University. STORM Lab now  operates on both sides of the Atlantic, with STORM Lab USA, directed by Keith Obstein, and STORM Lab UK, directed by Pietro Valdastri.

We also have access to the University of Leeds Robotics Facility, which has industry grade machinery for both additive and subtractive manufacturing capabilities.

Research team

Professor Pietro Valdastri
Joseph Norton 
Simone Calò