Ultrasonics and embedded systems


The group benefits from two purpose-built laboratories, and two HPCs for modelling and simulations. Facilities include:

  • Ultrasound Array Research Platform II (UARP II), three RF power amplifiers, several oscilloscopes, and signal generators
  • 100s of ultrasound transducers and phased arrays covering the frequency range of 100 KHz to 40 MHz
  • Nd:YAG Laser with OPO, HeNe lasers, pulsed laser diodes, two optical benches and state-of-art optics and optomechanical equipment
  • Ultrasonic pressure measurement and calibration equipment including two membrane hydrophones, three needle hydrophones, and two CNC automation systems
  • Class II Biolab facilities including incubator, inverted microscopy with fluorescence imaging capability. 
  • 3D printers, and access to rapid prototyping facilities at the robotics Workshop
  • Embedded system design facilities, soldering stations and electronic testing equipment’s.