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"Everything about concrete spans the nanoscale to the megascale. We must get the nanostructure right to get the microstructure right, to get the macrostructure right all the way up to getting the building right. We want to find out how we do what concrete already does, but better."
Phil Purnell, Professor of Materials and Structures

"If you went to Dragon’s Den with concrete, they’d bite your hand off! It has an almost indefinite shelf life, it’s affordable, energy efficient, and can be used in almost limitless applications. And you just add water to activate it."
Leon Black, Programme Leader, MSc Advanced Concrete Technology

"A variety of complex reactions take place during concrete formation, and high-resolution microscopes and X-ray analysis give us insight into the chemical and physical processes taking place at the molecular level."
Ian Richardson, Professor of Civil Engineering Materials

"When I travel around the world, people know Leeds as a leader in concrete."
Muhammed Basheer, Chair in Structural Engineering

"Looking at individual elements is limiting, to gain a proper full understanding of performance, we need to mimic the structures in use."
John Forth, Professor of Concrete Engineering and Structure

"My research covers a variety of topics related to cement-based materials and concrete structures."
Emilio Garcia-Taengua, Lecturer in Civil and Structural Engineering