Our current research is carried out within the following research groups, that are led by staff who are internationally recognised leaders in their field.

Artificial Intelligence

Our research is broadly based, covering several areas of robotics and artificial intelligence. Through this diversity we play a leading role in the global trend towards the re-integration of artificial intelligence, particularly in developing synergies between the areas of: knowledge representation and reasoning; computer vision; machine learning; natural language processing; and robotics. Find out more.
Director: Professor David Hogg

Applied Computing in Biology, Medicine and Health

This research covers both applications in Biology, Medicine and Health, and corresponding fundamental advances in computing. Find out more.
Director: Professor Netta Cohen

Algorithms and Complexity

The discipline of algorithms and complexity theory attempts to categorise computational problems according to the efficiency with which they might be solved in the large scale. Find out more.
Director: Professor Kristina Vuskovic

Distributed Systems and Services

We explore emerging issues regarding the performance of infrastructure and systems in the generation of distributed/internet computing. Find out more.
Director: Professor Jie Xu

Computational Science and Engineering

We embed fundamental developments in algorithms and cutting edge computational modelling within a framework that is guided by end-user pull. Find out more.
Director: Dr Hamish Carr

Centre for Computational Imaging and Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine

We perform cutting-edge research in areas of fundamental and applied biomedical imaging and modelling. Find out more.
Director: Professor Alejandro Frangi