Future leaders to deliver global impact

Dr Alexander Valavanis will overcome the limitations of terahertz gas sensors by using Quantum-Cascade Laser technology developed at Leeds to test key chemical reactions involved in climate change.

Postgraduate researcher wins award for IoT-powered wearable textile

Emmanuel Ayodele won the 2019 Digital Innovation Challenge for designing a wearable textile with the capability of using the Internet of Things (IoT) and motion capture to assist rehabilitation.

Using virtual populations to create safer medical devices

The current innovation process for medical technologies risks stifling the development of new devices, a leading researcher has argued.

Redesigning cancer screening technology

Engineers have developed a prototype endoscope which they say could cut the cost of manufacture from £80,000 to just £40.

Sniffing out disease? Undergraduate student helps build a virtual nose with Arduino components

An undergraduate student from the School of Computing has published a paper while making a significant contribution to a project investigating the potential of teaching computers to smell.