Large-scale research plans for engineering and technology

Leeds City Council’s Plans Panel has given the green light to support the University’s application to develop a site that will host large-scale research and experimental facilities.

Artificial intelligence to improve quality of life for elderly people who are chronically ill

Artificial intelligence may help to improve the quality of care for people who have chronic illnesses or who are terminally ill. The proposed treatment could also have a positive socioeconomic impact.

PhD opportunities to transform healthcare through AI

The University has announced 50 fully-funded PhD researcher places to unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical diagnosis and care.

European funding for novel lifesaving robotic tentacles

Robotic tentacles to help surgeons operate inside the body, among other new research programmes at Leeds are being supported by European funding.

Northern robotics experts to lead Euro conversation on ethics of AI

Rapid technological innovation is bringing human-robot interaction ever closer to our daily lives, meaning society needs a standard framework to address the ethical and safety issues that arise.