Tim Kormornick

Nothing beats a personal recommendation, so my brothers' praise for the University of Leeds certainly fuelled my curiosity. It was the open day that clinched the deal though; the excitement, the buzz, the vast array of opportunities; I just knew three years here would be great!

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial flair (I even set up my own web business at the age of 12), so I was keen to stay at the forefront of technological innovation in a fast-changing business world. The School of Computing courses were right up-to-date and clearly relevant to business. Not only did they cover technical topics but also more business-oriented subjects such as strategy. I have just started work on the Technology Graduate Scheme at Everything Everywhere (EE) and I feel well prepared. 

Leeds offers many opportunities for student employment in university-related institutes, spin-outs and other enterprises, which is perfect for building up your employability. I worked part-time in the Yorkshire Centre for Health Informatics as a Knowledge Transfer Assistant. 

As part of my job I maintained a large amount of IT infrastructure and helped to create numerous websites and teaching materials for medical undergraduate students. I had to interact with many people from GPs to technical staff, which improved my communication and interpersonal skills enormously. I hope these skills will enhance my technical knowledge and make this first job a real success!