Dr Danny Burkle




Research interests

Corrosion in the oil and gas industry results in unplanned failures which impacts on safety, integrity and economics of oil recovery. One critical aspect in the corrosion process in CO2 corrosion conditions is the formation of a protective corrosion product layer on the surface of the steel. Mechanical damage or chemical degradation of such protective corrosion products can lead to servere localised corrosion in the form of pitting and can be the cause of pipeline failures. 

Therefore my research focuses on understanding, predicting and mitigating such corrosion processes.

Specific areas of research interest within the field of oil and gas include:

  • CO2 and H2S corrosion
  • Corrosion product film formation kinetics (especially the nucleation and growth of FeCO3)
  • Localised corrosion mechanisms
  • Corrosion mitigation techniques (chemical inhibition, coatings and corrosion product enhancement)
  • Design and development of custom flow cells capable of X-Ray Diffraction and electrochemical techniques in-situ to observe and understand oil and gas corrosion phenomena in real-time.