Mustafa Bakr


Mustafa Bakr received the B.Sc. degree (with honors) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Technology, Iraq, in 2012. He received the M.Sc degree (with honors) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Leeds, UK, in October 2015. Since 2013, he hold different positon at  the school of Department of the University of Technology, Iraq and Earthlink Telecommunication ltd.  Currently, he is a staff memeber at Graz Univesity of Technology in Austria and a visiting researcher at the Institute of Microwave and Photonics, the University of Leeds. He is also with Radio Design Ltd., UK. His current research interest includes passive microwave filter and antenna design for IoT and mobile communication and Metamaterials and electromagnetics.

Research interests

By 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) will consist of 50 billion resource-constrained “Smart Things” that will provide critical every-day services in applications as diverse as Smart Cities, Smart Production, or Connected Cars. These applications require a dependable IoT despite hostile environments and deliberate attacks both on software and hardware level (tunable front ends – filters and antennas), where dependability summarizes aspects such as reliability, safety and security that enable users to put trust into the IoT. Today’s approaches to construct an IoT do not guarantee dependability, that is why the envisaged research activity on advanced front ends founds a perfect match with the current challenges of IoT. My research interest is to push the boundries of current limitation of filters and antennas and innovative design solutions in the field of “Internet of Things and cellular communication” in order to improve the state of the art, propose new tuning methods and miniaturization techniques. Also Metamaterials and electromagnetics are of great interest to enable secure communications.



  • MSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • BSc Electrical Engineering