Dr Hu Li


Dr Hu Li is a chartered energy engineer, specialising in engines and real world emissions, and alternative fuels for transport research. He was the PI for a TSB/ DfT funded project (TSB 400274) "Environmental and Performance Impact of Direct use of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) in 44-tonne trucks under real world driving conditions (EPID)", part of the UK government £23M low-carbon truck demonstration scheme involves 13 consortia and 354 trucks, and a World Wide University International collaboration funded project "Building a network for developing a roadmap of transition pathways to a low carbon transport future".

He is currently leading an industrial funded project "Measuring aldehydes in a confined space in a diesel environment". Dr Li is the only invited academic Expert on the EU Portable Emission Measurement System for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (EU-PEMS NRMM) Pilot Program. He currently sits on the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International Vehicle and Engine Emissions committee, and the International Gas Turbine Institute Coal, Biomass, and Alternative Fuels (IGTI CBAF) committee.

He has been involved in EPSRC projects (LANTERN) Leeds health Air quality, Noise, Traffic, Emissions Research Network; RETEMM (REal world Traffic Emissions Measurement and Modelling); FUTURES (Future Urban Technologies: Undertaking Research to Enhance Sustainability) and Innovate UK project BIDOE (Minimally processed BIofuels for stationary Diesel power generation with Oxygen Enhanced combustion); EU projects Clean power for transport infrastructure deployment; SWAFEA (Sustainable Way for Alternative Fuels and Energy in Aviation) and Aircraft Decontamination for Infection Control — Transition to the European Engineering, Regulatory and Operational Context etc. He has published more than 100 peer reviewed journal and international conference papers.


  • Deputy director of the Sustainable Energy Systems MSc course
  • Deputy leader of the Low Carbon Energy research group

Research interests

  • Applications in Aviation/Aerospace
  • Environmental and Performance Impact of the Direct use of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) in 44-tonne Trucks Under Real World Driving Conditions (EPID)
  • Renewable Fuels in Transport and Transport Impacts on Climate and Air Quality
  • Air Quality
  • Carbon Audit and Energy Management
  • Engine Combustion and Emissions Measurement
  • Engine Lubricants
  • Transport Biofuels
  • Transport Emission Analysis Including Road and Air


  • PhD

Professional memberships

  • Combustion Insititute
  • Energy Institute
  • Society of Automotive Engineers
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy

Student education

Dr Li lectures in all levels including from year one of undergruadate courses to master's levels in aviation engineering science, aircraft engines, energy management and conservation, biofuels for transport and thermodynamic simulation of chemical reaction systems.  

Research groups and institutes

  • Clean Combustion
  • Low Carbon Energy
  • Waste Management and Resource Recovery