Dr Andrew Scott

Research interests

Dr Andrew Scott (AJS) has extensive experience of a wide range of theoretical (ab-initio materials modelling, crystallography) and experimental (advanced electron microscopy, XRD) techniques, acquired in both academia (Leeds, Newcastle, Brunel) and industry (BP Research).

A key focus of his research is the application of electronic structure methods to understand and predict materials properties.

Current research areas: Functional materials, nuclear graphite, electron energy loss spectroscopy, crystallisation

Research methods: density functional theory, electron microscopy, light microscopy

Professional memberships

  • FIMMM The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining
  • MInstP, Member of the Institute of Physics
  • FRMS, Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society

Student education

Teaching: crystallography, materials characterisation, chemistry

Research groups and institutes

  • Functional Materials, Products and Devices