Dr Leilani Darvell


Dr Leilani Darvell is a Research Fellow in the School of Chemical and Process Engineering. She has a PhD in Bioenergy (“Fundamental and environmental aspects in the thermochemical conversion of biomass”) and an MSc in Environmental Pollution Control, both from the University of Leeds; and a BSc in Chemical Engineering (Honduras C.A.). She has over 25 peer-reviewed publications in the area of biomass utilisation: characterisation, combustion, pre-treatment (torrefaction), nitrogen emissions from conversion applications, ash melting behaviour and fate of potassium in biomass combustion.

Research interests

  • Characterisation of Solid Fuels
  • Biomass Combustion
  • Nitrogen Emissions from Biomass
  • Torrefaction of Biomass
  • Selective Catalytic Oxidation of Nitrogen (gasification)


  • PhD in Bioenergy
  • MSc in Environmental Pollution Control
  • BSc in Chemical Engineering

Research groups and institutes

  • Energy Leeds
  • Low Carbon Energy
  • Waste Management and Resource Recovery