Dr Billy Richards

Research interests

My current research interests are focussed on the development of novel optical materials for laser applications, with emphasis on the infrared spectral region. These materials take the form of novel glass formulations, based on oxides of tellurium, germanium and phosphorous for example, which are doped to be optically active, providing optical gain for the generation of laser light. This research involves the fabrication and characterisation of glasses and the design and construction of laser devices based on the glass in the form of optical fibres, waveguides and rods. Expertise include, glass fabrication, UV, visible and IR spectroscopy of rare-earth doped materials, optical material characterisation and laser engineering. I have strong links to UK industry through Technology Strategy Board and Knowledge Transfer Partnership funded projects, with emphasis on the commercialisation of university research.


  • PhD Tellurite Glass Fibre Lasers
  • BSc Engineering Physics

Student education

My teaching responsibilities include final year project supervision and marking; undergraduate laboratory demonstrations; supervision and marking of group projects; Assisting with lecturing and tutoring.

Research groups and institutes

  • Applied Photon Science