Dr Timothy Stevenson

Research interests

My current research activities involve the metrology, characterization and synthesis of high temperature, high strain piezoelectric, and magnetoelectric multiferroic ceramics. Each area involves developing novel materials and employing complex electrical and optical characterization techniques, including resonance, interferometry and microscopy; as well as advanced crystallographic techniques, including neutron, synchrotron, X-ray and electron diffraction. Current projects include the commercialization of piezoelectric materials for extreme environments, and the European Metrology Research Programme, METCO project, aimed at standardizing the measurement of piezoelectric and electrothermal materials at high temperatures.

I am principally funded by a Research Excellence Grant, under the EMRP METCO Joint Research Programme.

I was awarded the SET for Britain Gold award at Westminster for “Early Research Career” Engineer in 2011 for research on magnetoelectric ceramics.