Dr Herodotos Phylaktou


I am Director of the Postgraduate Masters programme in Fire and Explosion Engineering at Leeds University. I manage the operation of the MSc, manage changes to the curriculum, teach on the main programme modules,supervise the Design Projects and many of the Research projects. I carry out research, manage lab facilities  and supervise PhD students in the areas of

  • dynamics of fire development in compartments (including CFD)
  • toxic emissions from fires
  • dynamics of explosion development in confined and congested volumes
  • combustion systems - currently working on biomass combustion systems and emissions.

I also work with industry on the design of fire and explosion safety systems and combustion systems. I investigate fire and explosion accidents and act as an Expert Witness.


  • Director of MSc in Fire Explosion Engineering

Research interests

  • Biomass and Torrefied Biomass Flame Propagation and Gasification Burners
  • Fire and Explosion Engineering


  • BEng
  • PhD

Professional memberships

  • United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group (Committee)
  • International Association for Fire Safety Science

Student education

I currently contribute to the following modules at MSc level:

  • Fire dynamics and modelling
  • Fire and explosion investigation
  • Fire safety design
  • Explosion prediction and mitigation.

Research groups and institutes

  • Clean Combustion
  • Waste Management and Resource Recovery