Professor Ken Brodlie

Research interests

Ken is now largely retired but retains his research interest in the theory and practice of visualization.  His research, spanning a period of around 40 years, has focused on:

  • Visualization systems: extending current systems to encompass collaboration, computational steering and Web and Grid technologies
  • Visualization algorithms: enhancing existing algorithms for isosurfacing and volume rendering, and developing new algorithms for constrained visualization and high dimensionality
  • Visualization applications: using visualization in e-science, astronomy, biology and medicine
  • Visualization foundations: understanding errors and uncertainty in visualization, and developing visualization ontologies

Throughout his career he has worked particularly closely with NAG Ltd, and was a member of the Board of NAG for many years.  He is a fellow of the Eurographics Association, and was the founding Chairman (in 1981) of the UK Chapter of Eurographics.